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Guiding Individuals, Families, and Family Businesses through Heartfelt Conversations into Meaningful Action

Below is a brief overview of the work we do. Please reach out to us for a deeper conversation about how we may support you.


What are you waiting for? Is it time to Create the Life You Want? Have you had an aching desire to become clearer about who you are and what you want out of life? Do you sorta-­kinda know, yet lack motivation and direction? If you’re ready to take YOU, your relationships, your business or your career to the next level, then let’s turn those stumbling blocks into stepping­stones. We provide the coaching, mentoring, tools and accountability to enable you to live a more meaningful life.

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Family Dynamics

High Net Worth Families: For those who are privileged, the impact of money for Ultra and High Net Worth Individuals and Families can be particularly complex as the history of wealth and money brings with them a unique set of issues that affect almost every aspect of an individual’s and family’s life.

Couples and Families are made up of intricate and interlocking Family and Relationship Systems. Unlocking those systems so that family members can learn new ways of working and being with each other is the magic of understanding your family’s unique Family Dynamics.

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The other big question posed to us is, “How do we make the Pre­-Prenuptial process easier?” Sometimes it feels as if love=money. How do we change that dynamic, and help the couple get what they both ultimately need, using their love as a platform upon which to grow and thrive?

Our expertise is in strengthening the human, social, spiritual and intellectual capitals of individuals, couples, and families so that their financial capital can become a solid foundation which will support them and their dreams and aspirations.

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Rising Generation/Next Generation

For many Rising Generation inheritors (aka Next Generation), coming to terms with the meaning of inheritance and money can be a confusing experience. The first time many hear about their inheritance is equivalent to having a boulder or meteor dropped onto them. They hear they have a responsibility, yet the weight of responsibility can be crushing. Who are they now as owners of significant wealth?

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Family Business/Enterprise

The Family Business/Enterprise are unique entities of their own. What role do family members have in the business? What relationship do they have with other owners of the business (who may or may not be members of the family), or with employees of the company? The smooth transition of power, as well as training and integration of the Rising/Next Generation is not to be taken lightly.

The co-creation of Family Governance for Family Businesses and Family Enterprises is crucial to their success. And what about Succession and Leadership Planning? Far too many family businesses put off the very important work of governance, planning, and the education of their future successors and leaders of the family and family business. The first step is often the hardest.

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How do you make your Giving and Family Philanthropy meaningful, impactful and joyful? Thoughtful Giving provides tremendous opportunities for families to begin engaging the Rising Generation, to provide them with real life learning about decision­-making, evaluation, and finance. “How” you begin to engage and educate your Rising Generation is the key to ensuring the participation and success of this venture.

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Professional Advisors

The work we do compliments the very necessary and important work of our Professional Advisors (financial, investors, legal, estate planning). The most common issue posed by Trustees is, “Now that we have all the financial and legal documents, help us understand ‘how’ to make the difficult decisions. How do we help the Rising Generation grow into happy and productive people, instead of entitled and uninspired?”

Too often, Advisors discovery conversations are focused on the tangible things their clients want to create. We coach financial and legal advisors into becoming confident in taking the deeper dive with their clients about the meaning and impact of their wealth.

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“Having worked with many experienced coaches over the last few years I feel real impact from the sessions with Ginni in comparison…Ginni’s sincere and inspiring focus…has supported me in creating real results in all areas of my life.”
— DS, London, England