A Great Ability to Focus on the Positive and Keep You Motivated

Ginni has successfully helped our family navigate family dynamics within the challenging complexities of wealth. With patience, warmth and wit, she has guided us through the often difficult work that is required to make significant transformation. It is a pleasure to work with her.
— Anonymous Members of the Andrew Mellon Family

We were very pleased with the results of our Family Retreat with Ginni. Our eldest son, then aged 27, was initially quite doubtful about the effectiveness and cost of holding such a Retreat. At the end, he said that the sessions and summary meeting were very worthwhile and effective. We all continue to refer back to the new insights learned individually about ourselves, each other and the family unit during the Retreat. Given the proper time and conditions, we would seriously consider holding another retreat with Ginni, especially if/when our sons find life partners.
— Charlie and Sylvia, Australia

I have traveled from Arizona to attend four of Ginni’s seminars in Aspen and they are worth it! Her programs are thoughtful, engaging, and always make me think about my situation and options differently. She is great at asking questions that focus you on what really matters.
— Molly Stranahan
4th Generation Heir of the Champion Spark Plug Family

I have had the pleasure of working with Ginni on a number of her programs as both a panelist and a member of her audiences. All of those programs took me and the others present experientially into the philosophy and practices Ginni teaches and expounds. Much fun and much learning; an impactful and effective recipe for truly helping all learn.
— James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr.

Despite about 35 years of family meetings, I learned new information about my father (George Stranahan) – most stunning was how he learned that he was inheriting money and how the way his parents told him made him feel they wished he wasn’t getting it. (Wow!) In my experience my father’s praise is meaningful, and after that session he told me, “Ginni is good at this.”
— Molly Stranahan, Tucson, AZ

Ginni (helps) families seeking to flourish … by growing their human, intellectual, social and spiritual capitals, in addition to their financial capital. Families seeking to bring each other’s dreams to life toward the individuation of each family member finding his or her calling in vocation. Ginni’s practice lies in helping the families she serves achieve their goals of enhancing the individual journeys of happiness of each family member towards their entire family flourishing far into the future.
— James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr.

These types of seminars are usually awful. Engaging the Next Generation with Ginni, however, was wonderful. What made it so good was that everyone talked and shared their personal stories.
— Marcie Musser, Aspen, CO

“Women & Wealth: What’s the money for?” was a candid conversation dealing with real, sensitive issues. It provided a real­ life perspective on how to further your philanthropic goals.
— Ali Phillips, Aspen, CO

Excellent Ginni!!! I learned some things from the seminar (“What’s your legacy?”) I am already putting in to practice. I had already decided to update my will before going on the Africa trip, so I have been doing that tonight and thanks to the seminar have added a letter to my teenage daughter, and even a note to several non­profits telling them I believe in their mission!
— CB, Berkeley, CA

I’ve attended all of your (Ginni’s) seminars, and A Matter of Trust was the best one yet.
— Jay Hughes, Aspen, CO

Usually these workshops are just lectures. People talking “at” us. I don’t know how Ginni did it, but somehow she made everyone feel safe enough to tell their stories. Truly inspiring!
— Mike Stranahan, Aspen, CO

Bravo on what was a great success today (“What’s your legacy?”). I really enjoyed being a part of your symposium; and, I look forward to many more.
— SL, Aspen, CO

Thank you for such a wonderful morning on Tuesday (“What’s your legacy?”)! You were absolutely brilliant, and it was thought provoking and well done in all respects. Bravo! I am proud that I could be a participant.
— MMB, Aspen, CO

Ginni (during “Women & Wealth: What’s the money for?”) creates an open atmosphere in which to share the questions we have about having money, and how we use it to have an impact on the causes we care about. I learned from the presenters and from my fellow attendees.
— Molly Stranahan, Tucson, AZ

I found Ginni’s seminar on “Women & Wealth: What’s the money for?” informative and inspirational.
— Danielle Howard, Basalt, CO

“Having worked with many experienced coaches over the last few years I feel real impact from the sessions with Ginni in comparison … Ginni’s sincere and inspiring focus… has supported me in creating real results in all areas of my life.”
— DS, London, England

“Ginni’s natural intuitive sense helped me get to the heart of the issue, deepening my understanding and increasing my self­ awareness. She gently, but assertively, challenged me, calling me forth to be my most truthful self. She has been a pleasure to work with. I always felt that she was right there with me, supporting me and moving me toward my goals.”
— MM, Berwick, ME

“Ginni was very effective in helping me recognize my core values, prioritize my goals, direct my focus, and take positive actions toward my goals. I feel this has helped me live life more fully “now”, rather than “later”. The qualities I most appreciate about Ginni are her intuition, intelligence, truthfulness, and humor.”
— LP, Basalt, CO

” …her responses were insightful and the (coaching) process always moving forward. I’m learning a great deal about myself and at the end of each session, I feel hopeful and full of possibilities.”
— SD, Devil Hills, NC

“Ginni’s enthusiasm and charisma readily draws people to her and makes them feel very comfortable. Her coaching is sincere, supportive, and bold. She is an excellent Coach with her focus on the growth of the client.”
— SBG, Jameston, CO

“Ginni has a great ability to focus on the positive and she has kept me motivated on my goals while I begin the process of a difficult transition. … Over the course of this process she helped me define my goals, create a vision for my future, and determine a logical course of action for achieving my ideal life. With her help I have been able to better prioritize the things in my life that are important and I have also been able to let go of things that were impeding my progress. I have done extensive work in self discovery and personal growth over the last few years and I believe that one of the very best things that I have done is hire Ginni to help me with this process. I … recommend her services to anyone that is truly interested in recreating their life and stepping into the next dimension.”
— CC, Aspen, CO