Explore the Meaning and Impact of Your Multigenerational Wealth Through Curiosity, Wonder, Love, and Empowerment

Dynamics of Family Wealth
How much is enough? Are you preparing your family to be good receivers of their inheritance?

The Family Business/Enterprise
Have you begun the Succession and Leadership conversations? Is it time to create Family Governance agreements?

Your Legacy
Have you clearly defined your hopes and dreams? Have you intentionally created the legacy you want?

Family Meetings/Retreats
Do you have those crucial conversations, or do you ignore them and hope they’ll go away?

Philanthropy and Thoughtful Giving
Is the impact of your philanthropy the change you hoped to see? Are you finding joy in your giving?

Create the Life You Want
Are you on your path to happiness and a meaningful life? Step up! Become the Captain of your Ship!

Family Dynamics and Impact of Wealth Podcast

In a world where talking about the impact of money is difficult,
we share stories and tips for building happier and more meaningful
relationships with our wealth and our family relationships.
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Past Seminars and Keynotes

Family Governance: Families and Family Businesses

Raising Children in Wealth
Melbourne • Noosa • Perth (Australia)

Family Communication Across Generations
Auckland (New Zealand) • Adelaide • Sydney (Australia)

Trends in Philanthropy for High Net Worth Households
Aspen, Colorado

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