Your Legacy

The Rising Demand For Purposeful and Intentional Planning

Have you clearly defined your hopes and dreams? Legal and financial advisors are experts at designing instruments that protect and pass on a family’s physical and financial assets.

Nevertheless, research confirms that 70 percent of carefully crafted and already executed estate plans fail from one generation to the next. By the time the assets reach the wealth creator’s grandchildren, 91% of wealth transfers will have failed. In other words, the financial assets are gone. And the family’s true wealth…their humanity…has often fallen apart with disconnection and discord between family members. Sadly by the third generation, the family wealth has often disappeared and the family itself is dysfunctional and splintered.

Purposeful Planning vs. Traditional Planning

What’s the difference? See: Purposeful Planning vs. Traditional Planning

How does one avoid falling prey to the Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves parable? From your first Family Gathering to the creation of Purposeful Estate Plans, Intentional Trusts, and meaningful Health Care Directives, we help you clearly document and share insight into the essence of YOU. It is about passing on one’s tangible AND intangible wealth … our human, social, spiritual and intellectual capitals … the qualitative side of who you are.

It is your thought and heartfelt processes, lessons learned through the wealth creation process that provides heirs guide lights as they journey through the highs and lows of life.

Creating Purposefully Planned Instruments

We work with our clients to create the following purposefully planned instruments:

“Our Wealth is composed of our Human Capital, Spiritual Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social Capital. Our Financial Capital is the pedestal which supports and allows the primary four capitals (our humanity, spirituality …) to grow and thrive.”

“Ultimately, what we leave in them is more important than what we leave for them”