Case Study : In and Out of The Green Closet

He worked as a young adult, and held several jobs at the same time in order to pay his bills. Suddenly, without any prior (or subsequent conversation), his parents started disbursing large sums of money to him. How did he discover this? Because one day he found that the balance in his checking account was drastically higher than it had ever been before.
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Case Study : The Inheritance Conversation

The daughters of this family discovered via a national magazine that their father was one of the wealthiest men in their country. While the parents were able to convince their children that although fortunate, they were not nearly as “rich” as the magazine implied. It also made them realize how unprepared they were to have the inheritance conversation with their children. Were they ready to hear it? Were they ready it receive it? What could they count on?
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Case Study : Sale of the Family Business

The family had always had a comfortable lifestyle. As the years went by and the family business prospered, the parents began splurging a little as the quality of their life improved. One day, the founding brothers (John and Steve) were approached with an offer to buy their business at a price that was difficult to refuse. Once the two brothers sold the family business, an enormous amount of sudden wealth flowed their way.
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Case Study : Family Dynamics

With the recent passing of her father, Cathy wanted to begin the conversations around wealth with her three daughters. The mother let her daughters know that even though the inheritance was hers to spend and invest as she pleased, she wanted her daughters to be engaged in the process. Outwardly, the mother’s purpose was to educate her daughters about the meaning and impact of wealth. It soon became clear, however, that her real purpose was to find a way to “engage” with her daughters, using the money as a medium.
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