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The Family Dynamics and Impact of Wealth podcast is a collection of stories … stories about, and by, wealthy individuals, families, family businesses and their family enterprises. Some of you know that the original podcast had a short life. It was only online for 1 ½ months. Shortly after its launch I had to take it down because of the requirements of a major corporation.

During its short life, the Family Dynamics and Impact of Wealth podcast had over 500+ listeners!

If you were one of those loyal listeners, you’ll be pleased to know that we are back! We will soon be interviewing, and sharing, the journeys of other wealthy individuals. And, every once in a while, I’ll jump in to share a few ‘how-to’ thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the stories of these brave folks who courageously stepped forward to share their journey in hopes that you will learn and benefit from their life experiences.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for future episodes, I’d love to hear from you.

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Episode 08 – Interview with Sally Sakin

Sally Sakin is a mother, a widow, and a seeker of wisdom. She has led a life of constant transition to adjust to the current needs and demands of her family and community. While never intending for this to be her life path, Sally discovered and accepted that this was the way in which she could do the most good.

Episode 07 – Interview with John A. Warnick

John A. Warnick is the founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute (www.PurposefulPlanningInstitute.com), which is a learning center for professionals interested in mastering the Purposeful Planning process of creating purposeful trusts. John is champion for families of wealth, and for all of us committed to supporting individuals and families in creating a fulfilling and healthy relationship with their heirs.

Episode 06 – Interview with Jim Calaway

Jim Calaway, a self-made businessman and philanthropist. Jim has devoted the last 40 years of his life to philanthropy. Jim has challenged tradition . from realizing that making money and spending it all on himself did not make him happy to making the difficult decision to leave all of his wealth for the common good instead of his children. Microsoft’s Bill Gates referred to Jim as the “Bill Gates of the Roaring Fork Valley.”

Episode 05 – Interview with Carla von Trapp Hunter

Carla von Trapp Hunter is a third generation member of the von Trapp family who inspired the world­ renowned musical, The Sound of Music. She is also a member of the Hazard family of Rhode Island. Carla and two of her cousins founded Celebrity Legacy (www.CelebrityLegacy.com), a speaking agency, consultancy, and media house, specializing in managing and sharing insights from notable legacies.

Episode 04 – Interview with a Parent & Creator of the Family’s Wealth

The parents of two then ­twenty year olds came to us when it was time to begin talking about the family’s wealth. As one son said, “This was the first time we had a serious conversation about money.” Although our speaker has chosen to remain anonymous, his message is powerful about the far-­reaching impact their family retreat has had on not only their family, but also the family business.

Episode 03 – Interview with Charles Bantis

Charles Bantis, President of the Aspen Branch of First Western Trust (www.myfw.com/state/colorado), talks with us about his company’s belief in the importance of exploring with their clients all the dimensions of wealth: from their relationships, experiences, spirit, as well as their finances. His stories touch on the impact Madoff had on many residents of Aspen to the influence a good Trustee can have on their beneficiaries.

Episode 02 – Interview with Charlie Birch

Charlie Birch is an entrepreneur, a coach, a former dancer, and the co­founder of Rebel + Connect (www.RebelAndConnect.co), which provides custom retreats for your remote team.

Episode 01 – Interview with Molly Stranahan

Molly Stranahan is a fourth generation heir of the Champion Spark Plug family. Molly believes her good fortune comes with the responsibility to use the gifts and resources she has been blessed with in this lifetime to leave the world a better place, with less suffering and more love and happiness.

Episode 00 – Introduction with Ginni Galicinao

Meet your hostess Ginni Galicinao! In this Introductory episode, get an idea of the topics, format and schedule for the Family Dynamics + Impact of Wealth podcast.