17 01, 2018

Too Early (or Too Late) for the Inheritance Conversation

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In The Opposite of Spoiled, Ron Lieber referenced several studies that showed that as early as age 3, children had begun making assumptions about class as it relates to money. By Age 6, children had begun keeping score of possessions and judging accordingly. By Age 11 or so, many had begun to assume that ambition was linked to social class. And by Age 14 […]

15 12, 2014

A Gift of Love

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My mother decided to try something very brave one Christmas. Instead of a bunch of toys, she gave each of us a gift she had made herself: a handmade collage about her life with us. Mine was composed of cutout photos of me at various ages … from a babe in my mother’s arm to a young teenager, including a poem about mothers and […]

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